The property and casualty insurance markets across the United States are critically important and increasingly complicated, especially in todays legislative and regulatory environment. In addition, the increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters due to climate change has increased costs and uncertainty in the markets. FAIR believes that all insurance consumers should have access to quality coverage for affordable rates – and works diligently to accomplish this goal by advocating for balanced reforms that promote robust, competitive, and stable property and casualty insurance markets.

FAIR Property Insurance Committee:

FAIR has an incredibly active and diligent Property Insurance Committee chaired by Brad Cowan, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Paul Davis Restoration. The purpose of this committee is to monitor property and casualty insurance-related legislative and regulatory activity in Florida and develop FAIR’s policy positions on these issues. 

The Importance of Preparedness and Resilience

In addition, FAIR works hand and hand with our sister organization, the FAIR Foundation, to promote and advocate for efforts to increase preparedness and resilience through sound public policy and mitigation. It is critical to reduce potential loss exposures before disasters happen in order to reduce the costs to clean up after a disaster. It has been shown that every $1 invest in pre-disaster mitigation saves society $6. This supports consumers access to quality coverage for affordable rates by reducing the cost of disaster payouts for insurance companies, therefore stabilizing and/or reducing premium costs for consumers.