Lowering risk to insurance companies means lower rates. The greatest risk in Gulf and Atlantic states comes from hurricanes and tropical storms. Preparing homes and businesses to better resist wind and flood events while increasing energy efficiency, creates jobs and makes communities more viable after a catastrophe. Two gaps are funding and knowledge of economic benefits.

FAIR Actions

Funding Mitigation- Promoting legislation to increase state funding to local communities.
PACE for Water Reclamation and Flood Mitigation- Encourage local government to adopt PACE which gives property owners access to fixed rate financing.

FAIR Foundation Actions

Educate property owners on benefits of mitigation.
Seek grants to fund mitigation in at-risk and 55+ condo communities.
Promote PACE.
Develop tools to determine utility and insurance savings from mitigation investments.

Reduce property Loss
Promote Robust Competitive Markets

Promote Robust Competitive Markets

Educate Insurance Consumers
Reduce Uninsured Risk

Reduce Uninsured Risk
Eliminate Unnecessary Cost Drivers

Eliminate Unnecessary Cost Drivers

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